Skiing Tricks: How To Grind On Skis

Grinding entails jumping on a box or rail sideways, then sliding down to the end, and there are different variations to this trick. However, it is important to have a good skiing background with simple terrain and always be cautious enough to maintain an even body position. It can be as challenging as playing a game like Clash Royale. Therefore, do not lean forward, backward or sideways, but keep the body perpendicular to the sliding direction once in the box or the rail. One should ensure that both feet are a little apart from each other with the head resting quite evenly, but facing the direction they are sliding towards and only turn the head when necessary.

The Beginning

Normally, beginners tend to fall backwards or sideways because they have to learn about how to balance when grinding, and since every trick has its challenge, it takes time and practice to perfect as different styles in skiing make the experience more fun and enjoyable.

The Trick

Beginners should consider boxes or rails that are closer to the ground and straighter rather than bent ones, and they should go into it slowly to maintain a steady speed and not to fall due to lack of confidence. As skiers get closer to the box or the rail, they should jump, turn 90 degrees and land lightly on the rail to ensure that there is just enough friction. It is sketchy when a skier lands hard, which raises the probability to slide off despite many viewers seeing it as a stylish landing off. Skiers should be confident enough to try out the trick because fear is the main reason why people tend to fail in this sport. They should consider slightly leaning their weight on the back foot to avoid leaning too far forward, which would make them fall right behind and end up catching an edge. This may resint to a sudden stop that could make one get off-balance or fall forwards. Therefore, skiers should always look towards the end of the rail and not either side of the rail, and this will help them to grind all the way to the end of the rail or box.

Taking Precautions

Once the skiers get on grinding down the rail, they will realize that no lip follows to the front of the rail, and they have to ski up alongside before jumping onto it. At times, the skiers notice that they are going off the rail on the far side, which means they are either jumping too high or looking at the ground they are falling off. Therefore, they should consider coming in at a lesser angle when railing or skiing along before getting onto it. When skiing sideways, then coming onto the rail, it looks scarier because the skiers have to spin more to get onto the rail, but it becomes easier for them to maintain balance once on the rail. It is important not to give up and repeat the practice a number of times to gain confidence and anchor the muscle memory.