Tips and Tricks for Wii Sports | Tennis, Bowling, Golf, Baseball, Boxing

Wii Sports is one of the most popular games Nintendo has ever produced. The game came bundled with the Wii system, so almost everyone that owns a Wii has Wii Sports. It was one of the first games that used the Wii’s unique motion based controls, and is still extremely popular as a group and individual activity. If you wish to show off your Wii Sports skills, there are numerous tips and tricks to make you a better overall player.


One of the most popular games inside Wii Sports is tennis. The game allows you to play singles or doubles against your friends or the computer without having to go out to your front yard and accidentally ruining your plants in the garden or the tennis court. Playing tennis on the Wii involves a lot of motions in order to be able to serve and return shots. Many players get absorbed in the game and run from side to side swinging away. It is easy to feel that the harder you swing your wrist the harder you hit will the ball, but that is not the key to winning. The real trick to winning at this game is timing.


Depending on when you time your swing will determine the direction that the ball will take. If you wish to hit the ball to the right, you need to time your full hand shot later. If you time your swing earlier it will take it to the left. You will need to master timing your shots to control the direction you hit the ball. Be careful though, if you swing too early or too late you risk hitting the ball out of play or missing it completely. Once you’ve mastered timing and directing your shots you can force your opponent to chase the ball around the entire court, and eventually you will be able to hit it to a spot they cannot get to.


The other game in Wii Sports that is extremely popular is bowling. At first glance bowling may seem more complicated than the other games. Not only do you need to throw the ball correctly, but you need to line up your shot and determine the spin beforehand. While this may seem complicated, obtaining a high score is not too hard.


The best approach to Wii bowling is treating the game like you were bowling in real life. It is often possible to trick the game by spending an incredibly long time lining up your shot and flicking your wrist when releasing the ball. Your motion should be fluid throughout the shot, make sure you are not jerking the remote around. The only exception is at the end of your shot you will want to give the remote a small flick to help bring the ball back in towards the center line.


If you are right handed, aim the ball just slightly to the right of the center pin. When you are completing your shot, bring your wrist around and the ball should follow. This will increase your chances of throwing a strike.


Following these simple steps will help you win at two of Wii Sports more popular games. Try out other games such as golf, baseball and boxing from Wii Sports as well!